Why Panama?


Probably best known throughout the world as being the home of the Panama Canal, Panama is also famous around the globe for producing amazing Specialty Coffee.

This small country is not a huge producer of volume, like Brazil, but what it lacks in quantity it certainly makes up for in Quality.

All of Panama’s specialty coffee is produced in the highland area of Chiriqui province, the breadbasket of Panama, and more specifically in the highest mountain areas of Boquete and Volcan.

Central to this whole area is Volcan Baru.

This dormant volcano reaches over 11,400 feet above sea level and is Panama’s highest point. The areas around Volcan Baru provide the ideal natural conditions to produce amazing coffee.

The unique combination of altitude, rich volcanic soil, all year round spring-like climate with the right balance of sun, cloud cover, shade and rainfall allows the coffee to grow and ripen slowly, which gives the beans time to develop a rich, deep flavor and unique profiles.

Another important component is the native Ngobe-Bugle Indians who for generations have come down from the Comarca to hand pick and hand process the coffee.

On Panama’s traditionally family-owned smaller plantations, where everything is processed by hand, coffee farmers in Panama pay very close attention to the coffee that they produce and process in a variety of ways, such as Natural, Honeyed and Washed.

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