January 18th to 20th 2019



International Coffee Farms (ICFC) invites you to a fun and educational weekend in Boquete, Panama.  Come and visit some of our 11 specialty coffee farms and learn the “ICFC Secret Sauce”  behind how we practice our own unique “Art of Coffee Science”.

If you have been following our progress and want to see if owning a parcel in your very own specialty coffee farm is right for you, this is your chance to do your own “boots on the ground” due diligence.

All in all, it will be a very fulfilling and worthwhile way to spend a fun and educational weekend (or longer) in the tropics!

We want you to come and visit, get to know us, enjoy the delights of Panama and profit from the education you will receive about the world’s favorite beverage… Coffee!

If you wish, you can combine your weekend in Boquete with other local adventure activities in Chiriqui Province, either before or after the tour weekend.  Think hiking, from casual nature trails to the challenge of climbing 6,000 vertical feet almost straight up to the country’s highest peak – Volcan Baru, waterfall and birdwatching hikes, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, ziplining or a day-long tropical island boat trip.  Just to name some of the cool things to do here in the clean, cool mountain air of Boquete.

If you want to reserve one of the remaining spaces (the tour is limited to 12 adults to maximize your experience) on the next group coffee farm tour please enter your information at the bottom of this page.

Visitors on our last Coffee Farm Tour.


The dates are January 18th, 19th & 20th…Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

The “official” coffee farm tour weekend in Boquete starts with your arrival on Friday in the brand-new airport in David (Enrique Malek International).  There are 5 daily jet-service flights from Panama’s international Tocumen airport and/or from downtown Panama City to choose from. You need to arrive in David City by 11am on Friday morning.

Your arrival will be followed by a quick 40-minute drive on the also brand new 4-lane highway to Boquete (we will pick you up at the airport).  You will be impressed with both the airport and the highway and will quickly realize you are being presented with a definite “in the path of progress” real estate moment.  Just to emphasize this point, you will pass by the $189 million Federal Mall being built now that boasts 400 stores and a full transportation center for western Panama – all just 25 minutes from Boquete!

We will deliver you to the hotel we have specially selected as our host hotel for the weekend. We recently switched to the much larger Hotel Ladera to accommodate the growing number of attendees on our tours. The hotel is beautifully developed for an exclusive clientele, just like our tour attendees!  We have rooms blocked off at the hotel and have reserved the outdoor terrace and restaurant for Friday night. The hospitality and food are great… and on us!

As a reminder, we are only accepting 12 tour attendees (adults over 17 only) for this exclusive event.

If you want to reserve one of the remaining spaces please complete the form at the end of this page.

Exploring one of our Coffee Farms.

Depending on what time you arrive on Friday morning you may have some time to check out Boquete before meeting all of the team and your fellow coffee adventurers for lunch in the restaurant at Hotel Ladera at 12.30 pm. After lunch (1.45pm) we head out to visit the first farm, Horqueta 1.

This beautiful farm is located at 1,600 meters above sea level and was partially planted in 2016 with another 27,000 saplings planted in 2017 to take it to maximum capacity. With walking sticks in hand you will hike up and around the farm following the well-made path our workers have created.

That evening, from 6-7 pm we are happy to host you for a cocktail reception in the bar/terrace of the hotel. Followed by a come-as-you-are informal dinner in the hotel’s restaurant where Head Chef, Antony Espinosa, and his team have a feast of local cuisine laid on just for us.

After dinner we will be treated to some local traditional entertainment. As a part of our Socially Sustainable projects in Boquete we help to support the local folkloric musical and dance groups. The children have asked if they can come and perform for you as a way of saying thank you to our parcel Owners.

Visitors from our last Coffee Farm Tour with local Dance Performers.

After rising early and enjoying breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, Saturday will be a full day out on the farms and a great opportunity for you to learn personally from our expert General Manager, Andres Lopez, and his team all the subtle nuances of growing, harvesting and processing specialty coffee.  It will be a great introduction to a fascinating industry!

The full day will be spent on Finca Cuatro Caminos, the first farm we acquired back in January 2015, and what has become our “base of operations”.

Now everyone will get to see what a producing coffee farm looked like. These mature trees will be packed full of cherries and provide the perfect demonstration of an older plantation as compared to a newly planted one visited the day before. These older trees will gradually be rotated out and we will explain how and why.

Our farm-hand crew of native Panamanian Indians and their families, from the Ngoble-Bugle reservation, live on this finca. You will see how we have improved their living and working conditions first-hand through our socially sustainable focus.

Bringing joy to the kids at our farms.

And, the prize of the day will be a tour of our brand-new, state-of-the-art “beneficio” – a 1600 sq. ft. wet and dry specialty coffee processing mill, export and storage facility specifically designed to increase the quality of our coffee.  We will teach you, step-by-step, how our coffee is professionally processed to improve traceability and to increase its value in the worldwide marketplace.

You will also get a private tour of our “worm hotel” where we take all the discarded coffee cherry pulp and with the help of a million little friends from California (Californian Red Earthworms) we turn it into an amazingly rich fertilizer which we use to bring life and balance back to the soil throughout our farm network.

Lunch will be provided by the local Italian chef Davide from his excellent deli, Otto, and delivered to the farm. You can dine “al fresco” as you chat with your new found friends.

After lunch, we stay on Cuatro Caminos and we will take you to our own, newly built, professional coffee tasting and evaluation laboratory for a special presentation by Andres Lopez on the “art and science of coffee cupping and grading”.

Coffee cupping & tasting.

Andres is an expert and will definitely provide an experience you will certainly want to share with your coffee-loving friends back home. Bring your camera and your taste buds! It’s a hands-on, nose and mouth, sensory coffee tasting delight!

His team will also show you the perfect way to prepare a good cup of coffee.

Our day Saturday would not be complete without another complimentary “social hour” on the beautifully deck at Hotel Ladera from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, followed by an expertly-prepared dinner in Retrogusto, where the Italian Chef Davide will again be cooking for us using all the best, fresh produce from Chiriqui. This time in what many consider to be one of the best restaurants in Boquete.

Our Tour includes the best restaurant in Boquete.

On Sunday morning, ICFC is pleased to host a Good Morning, Panama! specially selected and prepared breakfast served from 8-9 am.

Then we load up again and head off to one of our most beautiful farms, Loma de Los Cedros. With everything you have learned still fresh in your mind we will take you through a fully producing specialty coffee farm and explain the modern farming practices we are implementing. You will learn how to identify each different varietal of coffee by the shape of the leaves, their branches and even by the cherries.

From here we will check out our new nursery and visit our babies!

This will take us up until lunch time where we will convene at the local brew pub, Boquete Brew, for some well-earned cold beers and pub food.

The rest of the day Sunday, from about 4.00 pm, is for you to enjoy doing whatever you want to do.

As we mentioned there is lots of fun stuff in and around Boquete if you wish (zip line, white water rafting, rock climbing, bird watching, hike to the waterfalls, souvenir shopping) or continue on with your travel plans, wherever they may lead you.  We will arrange for you to make reservations for these activities through the hotel staff who can capably handle the arrangements for your local Boquete extracurricular activities.

Our real estate affiliate, RE/MAX Offshore To Freedom, is also excited to introduce you to the beautiful mountain town of Boquete and the surrounding area.  This wonderful location offers a complete solution to those looking to own a home for vacation use and/or for a peaceful place to retire.  A perfect spring-like climate year-round is just one of Boquete’s many benefits you will discover when you are here.

Anytime during the weekend (say, Sunday afternoon or any other time) we will also be pleased to introduce you to our “Offshore Concierge” service.  We can be very helpful if you are interested in a 2nd residency in Panama, a work permit, offshore banking, asset protection vehicles such as private interest foundations or corporations and other aspects of internationalizing your investment portfolio and your life.  Ask us how to free up your traditional IRA, 401(k) or other deferred retirement plans to increase your portfolio returns.


In a nutshell, you get yourself and whoever is coming with you (max 2 per registration, sharing accommodations) to Panama City, whenever you want.  It is a quick 30 minute flight to David from downtown Panama City or from Tocumen International Airport and combined there is jet service 5 x a day.  You need to arrive before 11 am on Friday.

Depending on when you arrive in Panama, we will co-ordinate as many of you as possible on the same flight to David, with us picking up as many of you as we can at the same time, at the David airport on Friday.  We will deliver you to the hotel in Boquete.

You are responsible for your airfare and any related costs to get to David. We’ll handle the transportation for the weekend from there and get you back to catch your flight when you leave (if you ever do!)

We have arranged special rates for the suites in Hotel Ladera. The suites are blocked out for the tour weekend including January 18th, 19th & 20th.  If you want to come early or stay after the tour rooms can be arranged for you, also at a special rate.  You are responsible for your hotel and related accommodation expenses. Normal hotel cancellation policies apply.

We urge you to book your space(s) on the coffee farm tour asap.  We will help you to finalize your accommodations with Hotel Ladera and can assist with finding suitable hotels in Panama City also.


There is no cost to attend the tour. We appreciate that if you are coming down here to do your final “boots on the ground” due diligence before becoming a parcel owner, and have a keen interest in Panama, then we are happy to have you on the tour and share our experience in all aspects of investing in or moving to Panama, at no additional cost.

ICFC is pleased to cover, on the farm tour weekend, all the transportation to and from the David airport and during the entire weekend, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners, drinks, snacks and refreshments during the tour and whatever else we can provide to make your weekend as enjoyable as possible.

Of course, you will be responsible for the costs of your flights, hotels and any extracurricular activities you book.

We might even have a few “goodies” for you to take home.  Do you like specialty coffee?


Easy! Just fill out the form below and we will be in touch!


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